Sunday, January 17 – 10 AM
Epiphany 2 – Divine Service (English, outdoor)

Divine Service (Mandarin, outdoor) – 1 PM

Wednesday, January 20
Divine Service (English, outdoor)

Seating is limited to fifty (50) people per service to accommodate Covid mitigation requirements.

Holy Trinity complies with recommended protocols including masks, distancing, and sanitizing. We strive to make gathering as physically safe as possible. While every human activity entails some risk, we believe that the risks of gathering for worship are small compared to the benefits.

If you are not feeling well, especially if you have a cough, aches, chills, a fever, or have lost your senses of taste or smell, please quarantine yourself and consult with your doctor immediately.

A recording of today’s sermon together with a liturgy for use in the home is available under Worship at Home.