Eucharistic Ethics

The Covid-19 Chronicles : Reflections in a Pandemic, Part 7

In my last essay, Eucharistic Fasting, I attempted to explain from Lutheran first principles the reasons for my congregation’s abstaining from the Sacrament during this time of CoV-2 quarantine. It drew considerable discussion, both positively and negatively. Some of the criticism surprised me, coming from people with whom I normally agree. It was not my intention to pass judgment on the decisions of others nor to imply that I was “right” and others were “wrong.” As I read and thought through the responses, I considered that our situation might profitably be viewed through the lens of ethics.

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Eucharistic Fasting

The Covid-19 Chronicles : Reflections in a Pandemic, Part 6

The Covid-19 pandemic has created something of a crisis of communion in the Church. The Orthodox churches have largely suspended communion where they cannot gather. So also have the Roman churches. For non-sacramental protestants, this is not as much of a problem because music, preaching, and Bible study can be live-streamed or recorded. But for the sacramental churches, quarantine at home measures pose a serious challenge to theology and practice. Many Lutheran churches have resorted to a variety of extraordinary measures, attempting to comply with local health directives and sanitary practices while offering the Sacrament to the faithful. These measures include serial small group communions, private communions, drive-in communions, and in a few cases, virtual communions over the internet.

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