Sola Scientia

The Covid-19 Chronicles: Reflections in a Pandemic, Part 9

I’m a big fan of science. Having spent six years of my college and graduate education and the first seven of my vocational years in chemistry, science is in my intellectual DNA. As a pastor-theologian, the only chemistry I practice these days is in the kitchen and meticulously studying those fine-print sheets that accompany prescription medications. However, the recent Covid-19 crisis has reawakened my science brain. With hockey and baseball down for the season, I now spend my free time perusing abstracts from Cell, Nature, and JAMA, and watching scientists discuss real-time, collaborative science on a global scale. I may never return to sports. Who could have foreseen the day when Dr. Anthony Fauci of the NIH would have a bobblehead, a T-shirt, and a parody on Saturday Night Live? This is the revenge of the nerds.

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